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Spinecor verses the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) and The Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Page

Spinecor vs. the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) by ScoliSmart. Which is better? How I was kicked out of the Scoliosis Warrior Facebook  Page in 3 days Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS); Have you heard of the Scoliosis Activity Suit, SAS, and the Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Page? I recently joined an online group called The Scoliosis Warriors Facebook Page. This group was started and is moderated by a group of 5 chiropractors who created a body wrap called the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS). I was curious about its effectiveness and asked if there was any research done in growing spines. The Group […]