Scoliosis Programs offered in Dubai Healthcare City

Dr. Gary Deutchman is now seeing patients in Dubai Healthcare City offering advanced scoliosis diagnosis and management programs which include intensive schroth scoliosis exercise classes and Spinecor Custom Flexible Brace fittings. For more information, contact us. The office is located in Dubai, Healthcare City, Building 64, Block E, Ground Floor

Dr. Gary Deutchman

Dr. Deutchman has been in private practice since 1986. His dedication to service is evident in his actions; in the early 90’s, Dr. Deutchman initiated and went on to manage volunteer chiropractic care programs for orphaned infants at the Hale House in NYC, as well as a program for priests and nuns of the Fratenite de Notre Dame, a French missionary group that maintains orphanages and soup kitchens around the world. In 1999 he provided chiropractic services to the Mens-Health Crisis in New York City. He continues to advised many chiropractors around the country about establishing local volunteer chiropractic care […]

Raster Stereography – Scoliosis

Scoliosis Analysis should include imaging of the spine and posture. Our Doctors offer a completely radiation free option scoliosis analysis. We offer Raster Stereography seen above in all our Satellite locations. Reducing exposure to ionizing radiation is something we take very seriously. Today we can image the spine using Stand Up MRI technology and posture imaging systems like the Diers Formetic Scanner. When x-ray is used we routinely use breast and gonadal shielding as well as high frequency digital radiography.   .Research Articles on Scoliosis Analysis and Kyphosis Analysis. Kyphosis angle evaluated by video rasterstereography Relation to X-ray measurements Hans-Rudolf Weiss […]

Adult Spinecor Brace

  Spinecor for Adult Scoliosis Click here Should Adults With Scoliosis Use the Adult Spinecor Brace?On April 17 2009, the Adult spinecor Brace for Scoliosis was made available by Dr. Marc Lamantia and Dr. Gary Deutchman in all 14 offices throughout the United States. The new adult Spinecor brace design is more comfortable and hides even better under the clothes.  Although Dr. Lamantia and Dr. Deutchman did the original research on adults and Spinecor, and have been fitting adults with scoliosis since 2004, the Spinecorporation now recommends spinecor for adult use. For more information on the Spinecor brace for adults with scoliosis […]

NEWS-8/6/10 MRI Replaces X-ray in Scoliosis Care.

The first completely non-radiation management for Scoliosis is now available. MRI has no known side effects and can now be used to evaluate scoliosis both in and out of braces.  The New Scoliosis Coil developed by Fonar MRI is now being used in San Jose CA and New York City.  “This is a milestone in the clinical management of scoliosis”, according to Dr. Gary Deutchman, co-founder of Scoliosis Systems LLP. X-ray exposure in the management of Scoliosis has long been a concern.. “Although we have always used gonadal and breast shielding, we are so pleased to be the first Scoliosis […]