Scoliosis, Osteoporosis and Vertigo in Clinical Practice

Scoliosis, Osteoporosis and Vertigo in Clinical Practice Do you have one or more of  the following; Scoliosis, Osteoporosis or Vertigo?  Clinicians and Researchers have long reported that all three of these conditions can occur simultaneously. And now, new research may answer at least in part why patients with Scoliosis also have Osteoporosis and Vertigo. In 2006 researchers published a report identifying Osteopenia (Lower than normal Bone Density) as a risk factor for Scoliosis progression.  The authors state scoliosis is primarily a problem with the formation of normal bone, not from an imbalance of muscles or misalignments of the spinal bones.  Furthermore, […]

Scoliosis Programs offered in Dubai Healthcare City

Dr. Gary Deutchman is now seeing patients in Dubai Healthcare City offering advanced scoliosis diagnosis and management programs which include intensive schroth scoliosis exercise classes and Spinecor Custom Flexible Brace fittings. For more information, contact us. The office is located in Dubai, Healthcare City, Building 64, Block E, Ground Floor

Case Report: Vestibular imbalance complicating postural stability in a 62yo female.

Presentation: A 62 year old female presented herself without referral for the examination. Her medical history included multiple recent falls, adult progressive scoliosis and a possible diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis from her medical neurologist. Observations posture reveal chronic towing of the spine to the right, shuffling gate with wide stance and the need to constantly hold on for stability. Exams: a comprehensive neurological exam was performed including a sensory motor exam, a cerebellar and brainstem cranial nerve exam with appropriate testing of vestibular and oculomotor function. Clinical findings were nomometric in regards the motor examination. Ranges of motion were restricted […]

Back Pain related to increased Kyphosis

Kyphosis is a medical term that is used to refer to a condition whereby the outward curvature of the thoracic spine (upper back) bends forward. This condition can occur either as a birth deformity, or as a result of an abnormal twisting of the spinal vertebrae. Once the thoracic spine bends abnormally, one is likely to experience severe Kyphosis pain.  This condition is more common in adolescent girls than in adolescent boys. Causes of Kyphosis There are a number things that can trigger this condition. They are as follows; – Osteoporosis that leads to vertebral fracture is the commonest cause of […]

What you Need to Know about Scoliosis Pain

Scoliosis is a potentially crippling medical condition that triggers misalignment of the spinal column’s vertebrae. This misalignment causes the spinal column to either compress, or become deformed. Other terms that are used by health experts to refer to this condition include Kyphoscoliosis/Kyphosis, Spinal Misalignment, Crooked Spine or Spinal Scoliosis. Besides the spinal column, this condition can also affect the neck, also referred to as the cervical spine, upper back/thoracic spine and the lower back/lumbar spine. Those who suffer from Scoliosis experience pain on the affected areas. According to health experts, this condition is more common in girls than in boys. Scoliosis pain is […]