Scoliosis Treatment for Adolescents and Adults

Scoliosis (+) Neuro (+) skeletal (+) Treatment


1. Initial Consultation (+) Spinecor Brace (+) Schroth

  • You’ll notice our practice is different from your first phone call. Our staff will help you set up a scheduled phone consultation with one of our doctors who can answer your questions plus (+) give you an overview of our approach to managing scoliosis treatment options.
  • Following your phone consult you are welcome to set up an in-person consultation at one of our regional centers. Scoliosis Treatment may include Flexible Spinecor Brace (+) Schroth Scoliosis Exercises.
  • Many traveling patients decide to schedule exams (+) Imaging  (+) Spinecor Brace fittings on the same visit. This takes approximately three hours of time.
  • Below is an example of our advanced harmless imaging systems (Rastersteography) which is used quarterly to track your progress.
hyperkyphosis formetric

Harmless Imaging Before and After 3 months

2. Your Spine and Posture Exam (+)

  • We will evaluate your spine in detail and your body’s overall posture to assess your scoliosis and the impact it has on your health, (+) we may also assess your brain-body connection (+) your blood chemistry related to bone health, puberty and menopause.
  • Through the use of advanced imaging and expert clinical exams of posture (+) movement, a long term solution is provided for each patient individually.


3. Your Treatment (+) as Part of Your Daily Life

  • You’ll enjoy the freedom of participating in life fully. Treatment is achieved during everyday daily activities so they don’t have to spend 90 minutes three times a week at the doctors office, (+) we provide education and training in exercise (+) Athletic activity.



4. Your Ongoing Care (+)

  • Your Follow up care is typically scheduled once every three months. Ongoing patient care includes exercise training (+) follow up imaging (+) continued monitoring of your blood chemistry, (+) adjustments to your custom made orthotics and braces (spine and shoe).


Schroth Method Stretch Photo

Scoliosis Is Not All The Same

  • Scoliosis Treatment for Juvenile Scoliosis– Due to the typically long duration of treatment, our doctors may recommend a Flexible “Day Brace” worn full time (20hours per day), which allows for improved quality of life. In the event the curvature worsens, our doctors may recommend a combination therapy which includes a rigid night time scoliosis brace as well.
  • Scoliosis Treatment for Adolescent (Pre-pubertal) Scoliosis– 20 hours of Spinecor brace wearing per day. In juveniles or Adolescents who are approaching their major growth spurt our doctors may recommend a combination therapy of a Rigid night brace (+)  postural therapy (+) the Schroth Method for Scoliosis.
  • Scoliosis Treatment for Adult Scoliosis 4-12 hour of Spinecor brace wearing per day. When pain is a significant issue, our doctors may recommend an adult scoliosis brace (custom fitted tension orthosis) as the primary form of treatment. When pain and posture are stable, a combination therapy may also be recommended.


Find Out If Our Scoliosis Treatment Is Right For You

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