The Schroth Scoliosis Exercise Method and Schroth Therapy (+)

The Schroth Method for scoliosis exercise was first introduced in the 1920s in Germany.  Today the Schroth Method is taught by multiple schools, each offering their very take on the Original Schroth Method.

Scoliosis is a lifelong condition that deserves special consideration. Please consider choosing our organization for your Scoliosis education, Schroth Method therapy and other Scoliosis Treatment.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS- all programs are prescribed by the doctor based on consultation and examination. Your doctor will recommend which program is right for you. Please call for a phone consultation- 1-800-281-5010

arielle KligArielle Klig DPT, Director of Schroth Therapy

  • Two Day Weekend Intensives
  • One on One Sessions (NYC Only)
  • (Insurance assignment accepted in NYC Location only)- contact 1-800-281-5010








Scoliosis Method

Dan Pagan DPT, Director of Clinical Services 

  • Two Day Weekend Intensives
  • One on One sessions (Austin Only)
  • Provider of the Spinecor Brace
  • Insurance Coverage may be available- contact 1-800-281-5010






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