Spinecor and Medicare

Spinecor for Adults and Medicare Coverage.

Will Medicare part B cover the cost of a posture brace like Spinecor for Scoliosis? Learn What you need to know.

Why Do you need an Adult Scoliosis Brace?

Recently there has been a lot of media attention give to scoliosis in adults.  Many medicare insured have been turning to posture braces for back pain or poor posture.  Some have found scoliosis braces for adults can help.  In fact, adults with scoliosis are more likely to suffer a poorer quality of life. Americans are spending most of our time hunched over electronic devices or sitting in poor posture , spending less time moving around and being active. As a result, the scoliosis tends to worsen in adulthood, and can be devastating for many people.


Did you know that your spine is flexible and a postural support can reduce the adverse affects of the curvature? If you consider that good posture requires a straight spine, people with scoliosis cannot achieve postural zen without the help of an external support, or an internal one.

How does Medicar part B coverage work for Scoliosis Braces?

Medicare covers millions of Americans who are eligible for a posture brace.   Here is an excerpt from Medicare.gov

“Medicare covers services and supplies considered medically necessary to treat a disease or condition.”

It’s important to know if your condition meets the standards of “Medical Necessity”.

Scoliosis braces for adults are considered Durable medical equipment and are classified as Prosthetic and Orthotic items.

Doctors decide when an adult scoliosis brace is medically necessary, Medicare should cover part or all of the cost of durable medical equipment, once your annual deductible has been met.

How do I qualify for Medicare Reimbursement?

Medicare will consider your claim if you meet the following criteria;

  1. Your doctor must deem a brace medically necessary in writing. Approved Prescribed devices that have an L code and are considered durable medical equipment are approved.
  2. The brace must be long lasting with multiple use potential, be usable in the home, and have a defined purpose. Most importantly, the brace must be provided by a Medicare Approved supplier.

In Most cases, medicare pays 80% of the cost and you will be asked to pay the other 20%.

How does the Process work?

If you would like our doctors to evaluate you and write a letter of medical necessity, you can schedule for a consult and examination.  Chiropractic exams are not covered under your Medicare part B benefits. The fees for the initial exam, necessary x-rays, optical imaging, bone density testing and reporting are paid for at the time of services.



The Letter of Medical Necessity can be provided to a Medicare Supplier of the Brace in your area.  The Medicare approved supplier will fit the brace, take any payments due, and bill medicare directly.


Keep in mind, scoliosis in adulthood is aggravated by neurologic and metabolic imbalances which may interfere with the effectiveness of any Prosthetic or Orthotic device. Our patients routinely take advantage of the other services our doctors provide.

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