Spinecor verses the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) and The Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Page

Spinecor vs. the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) by ScoliSmart. Which is better?

Spinecor Scoliosis Brace

Spinecor Brace

Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS)

How I was kicked out of the Scoliosis Warrior Facebook  Page in 3 days

Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS);

Have you heard of the Scoliosis Activity Suit, SAS, and the Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Page? I recently joined an online group called The Scoliosis Warriors Facebook Page. This group was started and is moderated by a group of 5 chiropractors who created a body wrap called the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS).

I was curious about its effectiveness and asked if there was any research done in growing spines. The Group moderator quickly engaged me and told me the Scolismart Scoliosis Activity Suit, SAS product was great, and “I would never regret buying it”. I continued to question if it had been researched and if not, how did they know it was safe to use with children. This finally grabbed the attention of the two doctors from the Scolismart clinic who recommend the Scoliosis Activity Suit SAS product to patients. The first one assured me it was great and research was not needed, she went on to assert that they had found it to be better than the Spinecor brace in many ways.

I continued to ask if there was any research in growing spine, and finally, they revealed there are no studies on the Scoliosis activity suit (SAS) in growing spines. They did not like my line of questioning and accused me of “bashing” their product, and having a devious agenda.

Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Group:

The group is closely moderated and any suggestion that they are making overreaching claims are met with immediate expulsion from the Scoliosis Warriors Facebook Group. I was surprised I was able to last as long as I did. I asked, “if there are no studies in growing spines how can they claim it was superior to the Spinecor brace, which has multiple published studies showing its efficacy.”After some contentious back and forth the lead doctors at the Scolismart clinics ask me why I was in their Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Group posting, and told me everyone there was very happy with the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS).  I found that hard to believe, but was hard pressed to find a negative comment about the Scoliosis activity suit (SAS) even though the group has thirty four thousand members. I did find unhappy patients on other facebook sites, but none on the Scoliosis Warrior Facebook page.

Tactics of Suppression by the Scoliosis Facebook Page Moderators

After I was quietly banned from the site, the private messages started to come in, warnings that if I wasn’t careful I was be removed as many other had been before me if I continued to question the scolismart doctors about their dubious claims. Little did these members know I was already blocked.

Here are some of the private messages I received;

my daughter used scolismart for over a year and her curve progressed 20 degrees in that time. Yes, you read that number right, it was crazy expensive for us to travel for this and it did not help her stay flexible enough for VBT (Vertebral Stapling technique)-She was fused two months ago and is doing very well? 

“You won’t find much positive said about scolismart unless you only read off their own run support pages…and don’t believe the Facebook posts (Scoliosis Warrior Facebook Page) review. I gave less than 5 stars for a number of reasons and was not only removed from the support pages but had my reviews removed as well! False adverting if you can’t take hones reviews””I wouldn’t feel comfortable telling you to try it (Scoliosis Activity Suit, SAS) because I didn’t feel my daughter had any benefit from it al all. 

“I wish I hadn’t put any time or money into it (Scolismart Clinics)”

Spinecor is a Stand alone Scoliosis Brace with Peer reviewed Published Research on Outcomes in the Growing Spine.

The Scoliosis Warrior Facebook page is a very controlled environment, that is why you’ll never get the full truth about the Scoliosis Activity Suit (SAS) from those who are selling it. My posts were meant to raise awareness that there are standards of care that give patients the best opportunity to manage scoliosis without surgery, and that medical devices like the Spinecor brace have been studied and have (Spinecor) published research from independent sources. It is our obligation not to betray the public trust, and not to make unsubstantiated claims which can lead to harm.  At Scoliosis Systems LLP we are dedicated to the transparent truth about scoliosis and non-surgical management. Our mission is to help every child avoid spinal surgery, we offer the the most effective evidence based approach available for the times and will continue to be steadfast to our mission.