Hypothalamic Amenorrhea in Scoliosis

Is my Daughters Irregular Period important to her scoliosis?

I often examine late teenaged patients that have not started their menstruation, or that have started their period but report it’s irregular. Since this is quite common, it very often does not raise any concern by doctors or parents. As a trained Functional Neurologist, I know one reason for this type of amenorrhea; it’s termed “Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, and it’s caused by a lack of fat due to either excessive exercise or low caloric intake. It’s important to understand why this happens. To put it simple, if the brain (hypothalamus) does not detect enough fat (Leptin signaling), it won’t waste energy on preparing the body for pregnancy.  This can prolong the pubertal growth making these patients more susceptible to asymmetrical bone growth.    Dietary and lifestyle changes should be considered in these cases.