Dr. Brett Diaz D.C.

Dr. Brett Diaz, D.C. is the Director of Clinical Services at Scoliosis Treatment Alternatives, at three Regional Center for Scoli-Fit located Irvine, Studio City and Campbell California. We provide both children and adults in greater Los Angeles scoliosis treatment and San Francisco Bay Are that is comprehensive, evidence based and research backed.

Dr. Diaz has over 25 years of experience integrating chiropractic with other alternative health fields to deliver the highest quality care through customized programs for his patients that emphasize corrective movement therapies that help stimulate better neurological patterns of motion that can help reduce curvatures.

Dr. Diaz is a Certified Nu Schroth provider and a SpineCor provider. He also holds Certifications in Active Release Technique (ART) and a Certified Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist through the American College of Integrative Medicine Program and he obtained his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1987.

ART is a specialized myofascial technique that is considered the gold standard for treatment of connective tissue adhesions that have developed from chronically shortened and weakened muscles like those found on the concave sides of the curves in scoliosis. ART is quite precise and effective at identifying particular structures that are restricted and restoring proper movement and nerve function in chronic musculoskeletal conditions like scoliosis. It does this by releasing adhesions between the muscles, fascia and nerves of the body caused by prolonged abnormal postural dysfunctions.

The power of Active Release Techniques lies in its ability to effectively resolve chronic tissue adhesions found in scoliosis that have not responded to other forms of therapy. Dr. Diaz has applied the use of ART for the treatment of scoliosis.

Dr. Diaz has a long standing passion for helping his patients reach their peak health potential has lead him to attend seminars far and wide. This includes a multinational conference in Strength Conditioning and Training in Moscow Russia at the Soviet National Athletic Training Center in 1986 where he was first introduced to the concepts of balancing the body’s kinestic chains and more recently SpineCor training in Montreal Canada.

His extensive background has allowed him to become an author and highly effective speaker at delivering interesting and compelling talks on such topics as non-surgical scoliosis treatment, Scoliosis Awareness and Proper Body Ergonomics.

Doctor Diaz is the author of the book Review of Current Alternatives in Scoliosis Treatment that reviews and compares all types of scoliosis treatment. He is also the editor and main author to Scoliosis Treatment Alternatives, Chiropractic Wellness, a monthly magazine publication and other health and wellness related publications.

Our multidisciplinary center specializes in non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Our office has a unique healing environment in our 5000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that offers:

Our multidisciplinary center specializes in non-surgical scoliosis treatment. Our office has a unique healing environment in our 5000 square foot state-of-the-art facility that offers:

SpineCor dynamic scoliosis brace
Schroth Method scoliosis exercises
Active Release Technique for scoliosis
Flexion Distraction Therapy
Exercise Rehab for scoliosis
Inversion Therapy for scoliosis
Physical Therapy specific for scoliosis
Chiropractic also specific for scoliosis
Massage Therapy for scoliosis
Rastersterography (Non X-ray Imaging)
Custom Fitted Orthotics and Lifts
Vestibular Therapy
Vibrational Therapy
Bragging rights
We are the only comprehensive non-surgical scoliosis treatment center in Southern California that offers SpineCor bracing, Nu-Schroth scoliosis exercises, ART and more for the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis in both adolescents and adults.