I would like to introduce you to information on our new scoliosis coil and screening/follow-up imaging application.

The scoliosis application uses a multi-channel, phased array, 80 cm, planar RF coil. This coil allows imaging of the entire spine (c-1 to s-1) in the standing upright position or seated upright position.
The scoliosis application allows for screening and follow-up of the patient without exposure to ionizing radiation. The entire study can be completed in 10 minutes or less resulting in economic feasibility for MRI. The multi planar MRI results provide additional information, not available from current P-A and lateral flat plane x-rays.

This is a Win, Win, Win, MRI application. There is great interest in applications for other spinal abnormalities and for investigation of thoracic volume studies associated
with severe cases of spinal abnormalities. Fonar welcomes any suggestions or insight that would aid in the development of spinal abnormalities applications.
The scoliosis application is the newest advance in Upright imaging. The Fonar Upright Multiposition MRIbrings to orthopedic practice high resolution applications that no recumbent MRI can perform.
Upright MRI imaging is available in our New York City and San Jose CA,  offices.

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