scolioscreeningThe first completely non-radiation management for Scoliosis is now available. MRI has no known side effects and can now be used to evaluate scoliosis both in and out of braces.  The New Scoliosis Coil developed by Fonar MRI is now being used in San Jose CA and New York City.  “This is a milestone in the clinical management of scoliosis”, according to Dr. Gary Deutchman, co-founder of Scoliosis Systems LLP.

X-ray exposure in the management of Scoliosis has long been a concern.. “Although we have always used gonadal and breast shielding, we are so pleased to be the first Scoliosis Clinic in the World to offer MR Imaging as a viable alternative to x-ray”, says Dr. Marc Lamantia.

Scoliosis affects nearly 1 million Americans each year. Newer bra
ce technologies and advances in rehabilitation techniques have given millions of adults and children an alternative to surgery and rigid braces. With more people seeking treatment in adulthood, the need for safer imaging techniques has spurred inventions like Rastersteropgraphy, and now Scoliosis sensitive MRI. “MRI is a safe and cost effective way to monitor scoliosis in both children and adults. I hope more clinicians will offer MRI to their patients, for now, there are a handfull of us pionnering change.”, says Dr. Deutchman.

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