Scoli-Fit Exercise For Scoliosis Program

Scoli-fit is an individually assessed exercise for scoliosis program designed for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and individuals.

Hundreds of people worldwide have benefitted from our expert non-surgical scoliosis treatments.

Our carefully formulated exercise for scoliosis can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as the SpineCor Brace.

Program Benifits

  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions 
  • Uses the Acclaimed Schroth Method 
  • Customized Exercise for Scoliosis Program for each Patient
  • Displays Movements to avoid doing
  • Do Exercises at your convenience—at home or work 
  • Portion of proceeds benefit the Scoliosis Care Foundation 
  • furthering scoliosis research 
  • 1 on 1 session are available in your area

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About Us

Scoli-Fit is a website designed to introduce individuals to new exercises that can help reduce the effects of scoliosis. Three (3) dimensional directed breathing techniques, based on the original Schroth Method, are used to reshape the rib cage and improve the function of the respiratory system. Both Static and Dynamic exercises are used to activate mechanically disadvantaged musculature responsible for environmental progression of the your scoliosis curvature.

The Schroth Method was developed in Germany by Katharina Schroth in 1927 for her scoliosis condition. This is a conservative method of treatment, which works with exercises that elongate the trunk, correct the imbalance of the body, and use a special breathing technique to change the shape of the thorax that has been affected by Scoliosis.

Do's and Don'ts

Walking with the pelvis in corrective posture can be an effective way to retrain muscle recruitment patterns. The effect of the exercise can be accentuated by doing the walking on a perturbed surface or vibration plate. Vibration has been shown to improve performance and challenge the proprioceptive system at a greater rate. This should be taught by your therapist or doctor in an Intensive setting. Purpose- To reeducate movement patterns and activate muscles of gait during dynamic activities. This helps integrate a postural change.

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