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General questions

The program assumes you know very little about the specifics of scoliosis. Using videos, the educational phase of the program explains everything you need to know. The exercise videos contain step-by-step instructions, which are easy to follow.

To learn more about scolifit  and to contact us, please view our contact page.

In order to know what kind of spinal curvatures you have, you need to have a recent x-ray of your full spine examined by a radiologist.

Customization involves two steps:

1. You enter information about your spine,

              Do you have any kyphosis or lordosis?

              Which scoliosis curves do you have?

                         Thoracic curve

                         Lumbar curve

                         Lumbosacral curve

2.         The most beneficial exercises are selected for you.

Some exercises do not require any special equipment. Others may require a bench, an elastic band, or wall bars.

Login questions

A cookie is a piece of text stored by your browser, which is used for logging in. Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order for you to access the member area.

To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

             Go to "Tools"

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             Select "Accept cookies from sites"

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You may reset your password here. Enter the same email address you used to sign up and we will email you with instructions.

In case you forgot your email address or you cannot access it to reset your password, please contact us at [email protected] with the details of the problem.

Video questions

Yes. Adobe Flash Player is the most common web video player. You need it to be able to watch the videos on this website in your web browser.

Your browser may not support video objects or such objects may be blocked by your settings. The browsers we recommend are the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer with default settings. If you still cannot see any videos, then please email us at  [email protected] with the details of the problem.

You will have access to dozens of videos throughout the phases of the program. Depending on your customization, the number of recommended exercise videos will vary.

Yes, by clicking on the full screen arrow in the video player.

Unfortunately, we do not have a method for providing videos on a DVD or similar medium. Our videos were created for viewing over the Internet because this facilitates the customization of our program for each specific type of scoliosis.

Sign up questions

After your payment is confirmed, we will send you an e-mail with a temporary password that you may use to log in. We highly recommend that you change your password as soon as you enter the member area. If you do not receive your password, then it is possible that the email message containing your password was classified as spam and ended up in your junk email folder. If you still cannot find your password, then please email us and we will send you a new one.