How much does the 3 Day ScoliFit Program cost?

The cost of the 3 Day ScoliFit Program includes the Spinecor Flexible
Dynamic brace, and two days of ScoliFit-Schroth training.
[launchkit_pricing_table icon=”” button_url=”#” amount=”200″ title=”Jennifer pays” layout=”large”]a month for 24 months[/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table icon=”” button_url=”#” amount=”7400″ title=”Doctors quote” layout=”large” feature=”active”][/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table icon=”” button_url=”#” amount=”2800″ title=”Insurance covers” layout=”large”][/launchkit_pricing_table]
[launchkit_pricing_table icon=”” button_url=”#” amount=”4800″ title=”Remaining balance” layout=”large”][/launchkit_pricing_table]

These rates are examples only

Insurance may cover up to $3500

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