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    Scoli-Fit Correction Program

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Scoliosis Correction Program

  • 2 year Comprehensive Program (with 90 day follow up Visits)
  • A typical Scoliosis non-surgical Rehabilitation program
    • 3 day initial Visit
    • 1 weekend a month for the first 4 months
    • Follow up visits every 90 Days
    • Possible Treatments
    • Pain Relieving Therapy (Adults)
    • Scoliosis Specific Exercises
    • Flexible Soft Bracing
    • Muscle Reeducation

Scolifit has helped Thousands of Patients Transform their Body

Flexible Dynamic Bracing and Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

ScoliFit is an internationally recognized comprehensive non-surgical scoliosis correction

  • Restore Movement
  • Reduce Stress
  • Remove Interference to healing
  • Re-engage Muscles to support
  • Return you to your Life

Back Project Therapy

Red Cord Therapy

Based on the type of curvature, age and presentation presentation of the patient we will recommend an individualized scoliosis correction program.

  • Non-Surgical Scoliosis Rehabilitation Program
  • Pre-Surgical Scoliosis Rehabilitation
  • Post Surgical Scoliosis Rehabilitation
  • Pain Relief Scoliosis Program

Schroth Training

Vestibular Testing


Services available vary depending upon location and provider. Not all services are available in all Locations. Providers are independent contractors and are not employees of Scoliosis Systems O & P LLC