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A Brain-Based Approach to Movement Correction in Scoliosis Adults and Adolescents




About Scoliosis Systems LLP.  Since 2004.


Our Founders:

Dr. Marc Lamantia is the first to identify Scoliosis as a movement disorder. His unique training as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Clinical Neurologist, and Neuropsychomotrist allowed him to recognize scoliosis was much more than a curved spine. Researchers have now shown scoliosis is indeed a brain based movement problem. Over the past 25 years, Dr. Lamantia has applied he unique understandings of the Brain-Spine Connection to his patients with Scoliosis and Hyperkyphosis.

Dr. Gary Deutchman has been in practice for over 35 years. His dedication to continuing to improve the lives of his patients inspired him to become a Board-Certified Atlas Orthogonist in 2008.  Studies support the involvement of the cervcio-cranial Junction (connection of skull and neck) in scoliosis.

Together they bring a cornucopia of knowledge and experience rarely found.

Since 2011, Scoliosis Systems LLP has been training healthcare professional to bring their brand of Scoliosis management to the masses. Now, your doctor can become involved in the Scoli-Fit Partner Program.


Scoliosis Doctors NYC

LIFETIME and Scoli-Fit

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Scoliosis Treatment Centers of Arizona

Scoliosis Systems (Phoenix) 2735 West Union Hills Drive, #102 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone : 1-800-281-5010


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Los Angeles
Scoliosis Systems (Studio City) 12215 Ventura Blvd; #208 Studio City, CA 91604
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Scoli-Fit Center in Downtown Hartford

100 Pearl Street, 14th Floor, Hartford, 06103


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Al Das Medical ClinicThe Palm JumeirahShoreline #10Dubai
Farah: +971 4 452 9998
Gary Deutchman, DC: +1-800-281-5010


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Miami Scoliosis Systems (Miami) 4500 Biscayne Blvd; Suite 202 Miami, FL 33137

Palm City Scoliosis Systems (Palm City) 3087 SW Martin Downs Blvd. Palm City, FL 34990

Tampa Scoliosis Systems (Tampa) 11454 N. 53rd St Tampa FL 33617

Boca Raton Scoliosis Systems (Boca Raton) 2255 Glades Road, Suite 324A, Boca Raton, 33431

Jacksonville Scoliosis Systems (Jacksonville) 50 N. Laura Street, Suite 2500, Jacksonville, 32202

Orlando Scoliosis Systems (Orlando) 111 North Orange Avenue, Suite 800, Orlando, 32801

Fort Myers Scoliosis Systems (Ft.  Myers) 9160 Forum Corporate Parkway, Suite 350, Ft. Myers, 33905


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Dr Pappas (Chicago) 55 West Golf Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
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Dr. Olson (Ankeny)
NE Delaware Ave #230
Ankeny, IA 50021
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Scoli-Fit Headquarters in New York City

235 E 49th St.
New York, NY 100017

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Scoliosis Systems (Buffalo)

636 North French Road Amherst, NY 14228

Long Island
Scoliosis Systems of Long Island

366 N. Broadway Suite 413 Jericho NY 11753

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Scoliosis Treatment Centers of North Carolina

Scoliosis Systems (Cary) 1125 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 101 Cary, NC 27511
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Scoliosis Systems (Charlotte) 16419 Northcross Drive, Suite C Hunterville, NC 28072
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Scoliosis Systems (Raleigh) 4517 Lead Mine Road Raleigh, NC 27612
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Scoliosis Systems (Minot) 1350 20th Ave SW
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Philadelphia – Chestnut Street
325-41 Chestnut Street, Suite 800,

Philadelphia, 19106


Scoliosis Treatment Centers of Tennessee

Nashville – Highland Ridge II
555 Marriott Drive, Suite 315,
Nashville, 37214

Chattanooga – Tallan Financial Center
200 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.,
Suite 1000, Chattanooga, 37402

Memphis – Memphis Clark Tower
5100 Poplar Avenue, 27th Floor,
Memphis, 38137


Scoliosis Treatment Centers of Texas

Scoliosis Systems (Irving) 1431 Greenway Drive Embassy Building, Suite 800, Irving, TX 75038

Scoliosis Systems (Austin) 111 E Old Settlers Blvd. Round Rock, TX 78665

Scoliosis Systems (Houston) 2837 Dulles Avenue Missouri City, TX 77459

San Antonio
Scoliosis Systems (San Antonio) 700 N St Mary's Street, Suite 1400, San Antonio, 78205


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Scoliosis Systems Utah
251 E 1200 S, Orem, UT 84058


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Scoliosis Systems (Vancouver)
6405 NE 116th Ave Ste 106
Vancouver WA 98622
Scoliosis Systems (Seattle)
2033 10th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102
Tel: 1-800-281-5010
Scoliosis Systems (Olympia)
6706-2 Martin Way E.
Olympia, WA 98516
Tel : 1-800-281-5010
Scoliosis Systems (Lacey)
1307 Violet St. SE
Lacey, WA 98503
Tel: 1-800-281-5010

What if Scoliosis were more than Just a Curved Spine?

spinecor brace providers

SpineCor is a “brace” reimagined. Unlike a Rigid Brace like the Rigo-Cheneau or Boston Brace, The Spinecor Brace creates compression while the patients maintain full range of motion. Spinecor retrains the postural muscles and the brain to help improve the stability of Outcomes. Spinecor is the only brace of its kind and its results cannot be duplicated with Scoliosis Activity suits or Rigid Braces.

Spinecor Dynamic Flexible Brace for Scoliosis

Scoliosis in Adults can be stabilized when the connection between the brain and the postural reflexes are balanced and sensitive to movement and gravity. 80% of all scoliosis patients have a problem with the Reflexive postural Systems under the influence of the Inner ear and the brain.

ScoliSmart Scoliosis

Scoli-fit was born out of the notion that scoliosis is a brain-first problem.  The brain strongly influences the way bones grow, and the way muscles move. When brain imbalances are left uncorrected they continually influence the scoliosis curvature throughout life. This is one reason adults experience continued curvature progression, pain and disability with age. Research shows Compression garment wearing during exercise has been shown to improve brain function and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Both promising reasons why Scoli-fit compression garment fitting in becoming more available.



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Scoliosis Care with Fewer X-Rays

Scoliosis care with fewer X-Rays using Rasterstereography click here to learn more

Scoliosis is a dynamic, 3-Dimensional disorder, yet many providers rely on X-rays, which are static and 2-Dimensional.  Our diagnostic methods use advanced technology that provides better understanding of a patient’s scoliosis, while drastically reducing the number of X-rays a patient is exposed to.

Patient Testimonial

Hear what our patients have to say.  We’ve successfully managed thousands of scoliotic patient cases over 35 years.  Here’s what some of them had to say.
Scoliosis Systems
Based on 10 reviews
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17:15 12 Aug 21
Following the Metabolic Reset Program, I no longer have joint pain. I am also sleeping better. I recommend the... Program for more
Erica Castellini
Erica Castellini
20:51 13 Jan 21
Scoliosis Systems has been life changing. I have a 33 digress "S-curve" scoliosis and have suffered from chronic pain... for many years. As my daily pain got increasingly worse, I knew I couldn't keep attempting to manage it on my own. Since the first day I got my brace I have not experienced the excruciating nerve pain down my hip and leg that was a result of bulging discs in my low back. My balance and posture are better even when I am not wearing my brace. Not being in constant pain all day long has improved my mood, sleep and general well-being. I highly recommend Scoliosis Systems. The entire process from scheduling initial consult to getting the brace was more
Cheri Yost
Cheri Yost
21:04 08 Dec 20
I really enjoyed the webinar.
Trifena Dunbar
Trifena Dunbar
20:45 08 Dec 20
I started seeing Dr Lamantia since last October after spending 9 years seeing a chiropractor who unbeknownst to me was... not treating my scoliosis! You see I thought that's what chiropractor do, I was so wrong.Since wearing the scolifit brace one year and one month now, I have seen changes my hips are more balance as in my case the left was extremely higher than the right! The crease on my left side has significantly changed due to the excercises that I do along with wearing the brace! After a 10 weeks session and wearing the brave for 13 months I am seeing changes! I will wear the brace for a total of 18 to 24 months for at least 8 hours per day as I do 4 hours in the morning and another 4 in the evening before bed. My back is feeling stronger less pain in my upper left shoulder blade! My scoliosis is a Right Thoraco Lumbar! In my layman language very complex but thanks to Dr. Lamantia and his team I am able to see a difference and experiencing less pain and able to lead a better quality of life! If you are looking for a quick fix then this is not the place for you! Remember scoliosis didn't come overnight therefore you must be patient with seeing changes!read more
Gabri Christa
Gabri Christa
15:52 24 Nov 20
For my daughter and our family Scoliosis Systems has been a life saver. Not only has our daughter her spine improved,... due to constant new research and findings shared with her, she continues to understand what she can do to continue this journey. Dr. Lamantia is passionate about the field and always working to improve the science. The brace, the explanations, the care and Schroth/Scoli-fit all have helped tremendously. Highly more
james drubel
james drubel
23:18 01 Nov 20
The Team at Scoliosis System cares and is passionate about improving the well-being of their patients. Every patient... case is unique. No two are the same. Scoliosis Systems carefully thinks through all the particulars and listens to what the patient wants to more
cheryl uram
cheryl uram
17:53 28 Jun 20
Dr. Lamantia evaluated my case individually and prescribed a unique plan of care based on my specific needs. He was... thorough, knowledgable and caring throughout the entire process. Previously, the only options offered to me were surgery, a path I was extremely hesitant to take, based on negative reports of long term success. I was seeking a way to live a long life without pain and minimize deterioration. Dr Lamantia gave me more
Mark Morales
Mark Morales
00:46 10 May 20
After several therapy alternatives, I feel that I am receiving the most comprehensive long term treatment for upper... spine scoliosis and related disc pain. Within one week of bracing, my my head rests aligned with my torso and I'm experiencing improvements down to my left leg and arm. I am encouraged and look forward to my ongoing treatment and well more
Andrea Young
Andrea Young
14:54 04 Apr 20
Scoliosis Systems and working with Dr. LaMantia has changed my perspective on how Scoliosis can be treated. I have an... advanced “S”curve & unfortunately have been in pain. Dr. LaMantia treated me with such care and genuine concern. His knowledge of a successful non surgical approach and bracing has enabled me to eliminate the pain and treat my scoliosis with a dedicated series of exercises. In this day and age, his commitment to his patients is truly commendable!Scoliosis Systems uses the latest treatments combined with modifications/improvements from the German Schroth scoliosis treatment protocol. Dr. LaMantia is committed in all ways possible to helping me with my scoliosis health. This includes Nutrition, Physical and the Neurological components of scoliosis improvement. Dr. LaMantia is VERY kind, patient and a positive force for healing with scoliosis education. I appreciate all that you have done to help me and want to say thank you from the more
Dena Cod
Dena Cod
14:33 13 Feb 20
i am at 45 yo female who thought surgery was my only option and then through research I found the Spinecor brace & Dr.... Marc Lamantia.Dr Marc Lamantia was patient, empathetic and flexible towards me and all my questions. I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. The spinecor brace takes some getting used to but the reward far outweighs the annoyance. Plus, with a great Doctor to help ease the stress of getting the bands on correctly- it makes life easier in the brace.Trust me, I had a hard time getting used to it but the more you wear it- the Less you need it. I am now starting Scroth therapy and exercises and life is getting better. THANK YOU DR. LAMANTIA!!!!read more
Gillian Wigley
Gillian Wigley
05:55 19 Nov 19
Im a 33yo adult who was diagnosed with severe scoliosis at the age of 13. Had spinal fusion and rod placement, only to... have the rods removed 10 months later due to an infection. After the rod removal my spine reverted back to the degrees it was at prior to my first surgery. Ever since then I’ve been living with a super curved and twisted spine, a decreased lung capacity. While I have been active enough over the years, and have on and off gone to gym classes, biked, hiked, etc. I still had limited flexibility, and lived with chronic pain. Finally decided early this year that I needed to do something to help with the chronic pain, limited lung capacity, and most importantly to prevent the possible need for any more surgeries down the road. Had known about Schroth therapy for a few years, but nobody in Minnesota does it. Found Scoliosis Systems in NYC, and that they offered their 3-day Scolifit program, which included bracing with the Spincor soft brace. As I have family out in Jersey City, I decided this was what I needed to do, and the place I needed to do it. In just 3 days of their treatments and therapies, plus the Spinecor bracing I had 4 degrees reduction in my lumbar curvature, and 8 degrees reduction in my thoracic curvature!!Dr. Gandhi is amazing. Though all of the doctors at Scolisis systems are so kind, and knowledgeable. Each dr has a little different background than the other, so with their combined knowledge they came up with their Scolifit program which takes Katarina Schroth’s Schroth method up about 10 notches! If you’re an adult living with Scolisis like me, post-op or otherwise, I strongly encourage you to look into what SS can do for you. If you’re the parent of a child who is newly diagnosed with scoliosis, and are looking alternatives to surgery, or to prevent the need for surgery down the road, look no further. Hands down, I wish we had known about the Schroth method when I was first diagnosed, and that Scoliosis Systems had been around then. Every day I’m continually blown away by the before and after comparisons they post to their website and more
Gina Falco
Gina Falco
16:21 08 Dec 17
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