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Scoliosis Systems LLP Providers: Dr Lamantia and Dr. Deutchman are founding members of the International Society of Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SOSORT) and are the world’s experts in alternative Scoliosis treatment for both children and adults.

Scoliosis Systems LLP doctors and therapists make themselves available in 15 regional centers throughout the United States, seeing all scoliosis patients personally. For more information, please call the office to inquire about locations and availability.

Scoliosis Systems LLP Providers consider scoliosis to be a whole body metabolic phenomena. Scoliosis is more of a syndrome than a disease, and successful treatment may require a multi-disciplinary approach. We maintain a clinical community that allows us to co-manage your case with experts in endocrinology, functional medicine, neurology rehabilitation, orthopedics and orthotics.