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    Adult Scoliosis Treatment and Nu-Schroth Pain Relief Program

Adult Scoliosis Pain is a Metabolic Condition

  • Has your doctor told you Scoliosis doesn’t cause pain? Well it’s true Scoliosis does not cause pain, inflammation does. The Chronic postural disturbances of scoliosis can be without pain and therefore have served to confuse patients and clinicians alike. We get you out of pain by removing the triggers to pain. For most patients that means reducing the postural distortions associated with their scoliosis, and to recommend nutritional and lifestyle modifications on an individual basis. Our greatest results can be attributed to the Spinecor brace for Adults.
  • Often Intense exercises are avoided until patients are stable and the pain is not aggravated by movement. This may require months of treatment or weeks, depending upon the individual.  Once our patients are improving and can tolerate more intense exercise, recommendations can be made accordingly.

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