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    The Schroth Scoliosis Exercise Method and Schroth Therapy


SCHROTH SCOLIOSIS THERAPY PROGRAM- 2 consecutive days (10 hours)

  • Evaluation of movement
  • Individualized Education
  • Activities of Daily Living instruction
  • Pelvic and Spine neuromuscular reeducation Therapy
  • Corrective Breathing Exercises
  • Intro to the Schroth Exercises (w/o gravity)


SCHROTH EXERCISE PROGRAM- 10 hours (2 hour minimum per visit or 2 Consecutive days)

  • Schroth Exercises including
    • Stabilization exercises in gravity
    • Breathing during Stretching/Posing
    • Psoas Activation
    • Dynamic Exercises


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Scoliosis Method

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Gheorge (Gigi) Leonte PTA


Available Locations

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  • New York
  • Raleigh and Charlotte NC
  • Denver CO
  • Los Angeles, Irvine and San Jose CA
  • Atlanta GA
  • Tampa and Lauderdale and Stuart Fl
  • Chicago IL
  • Dallas, Houston and Austin TX
  • Vancouver and Seattle WA
  • Phoenix AZ

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