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    Scoliosis Specific Seminar Series


Schroth NYC

Scoliosis Management for Non-surgical Providers

Who is this Seminar for? D.C, PT, DPT, DO, MD

This is a 36 hour Program taught Live (Streaming Available)

Location: Clinicube 160 Broadway, 16th Floor, NY NY 10038


Module 1-Evaluation and Management of Scoliosis for the Non-surgical Provider 

This module is designed to introduce the Post Doctoral Learner clinical applications of neuroskeletal Science in the management of the Scoliosis deformity. Theories of scoliosis etiopathology and the physiology of curvature progression provide the clinician with a depth of knowledge to promote non-surgical interventions beyond exercise and immobilization bracing. Instructor: Dr. Marc Lamantia

12 CE Credits Pending

SEPT 19-20- Saturday 1pm-8pm, Sunday 9am-4pm


Module 2  Three Dimensional Exercise for Scoliosis 12 CE Credits

Learn Scoliosis Specific Exercise training which requires an understanding of normal biomechanics and pathomechanics most commonly encountered in clinical practice. This module will prepare the Post doctoral learner to evaluate and manage adult and adolescent scoliosis cases, and provide programming for both in office and home exercise regimens for your patients.

Instructor Dan Pagan DPT, Marc Lamantia DC

OCTOBER 31-NOV1- Saturday 1pm-8pm, Sunday 9am-4pm


Module 3- Immuno-Metabolic Evaluation and Management for Spinal Deformities

Instructor: Dr. Steven Geneopulos, Marc Lamantia DC

NOV 21-22Saturday 1pm-8pm, Sunday 9am-4pm

COST: $495 (Students $195)

Program Instructors


Marc J. Lamantia D.C.– Neuroskeletal Scoliosis; Diagnosis Evaluation and Nonsurgical management strategies for Scoliosis patients. 












Steven Geanopulos D.C.-Metabo-immunology and Functional Medicine Supplementation to reduce inflammatory Cytokines and improve absorbability of nutrients related to bone health.












Gary Deutchman D.C.-Orthotic Instruction. Spinal Orthotics as well as Foot orthotics for the purpose of rehabilitation of movement. 










Daniel Pagan DPT– Three dimensional Exercise Therapy using isometric resistance methods, body weight poses, and dynamic control of movement. 





This 36 hour program is designed to give the non-surgical provider relevant knowledge of the current literature as it pertains to Scoliosis as a; biomechanical, biochemical and neuroskeletal condition.


Evidenced based clinical applications will be explored and links will be made between concepts of mechano-biology, neuroskeletal science, and epigenetic influences.


FOR REGISTRATION EMAIL [email protected] or call 1-800-281-5010