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Scoliosis Management for Non-surgical Providers

3 Part Seminar Series for D.C, PT, DPT, DO, MD

Modules can be taken in any order

Location: Offered in Clearwater FL and New York NY


Module 1-Evaluation and Management of Scoliosis for the Non-surgical Provider 

Instructor: Dr. Marc Lamantia

Location: Clearwater FL

JANUARY 20-21 , Sat and Sun 2018 (JUNE) (OCT)


Module 2  Three Dimensional Therapy and Exercise for Scoliosis 12 CE Credits

Instructor Dr. Dan Pagan

Location: Clearwater FL

FEB 17-18 Sat and Sun 2018  (JULY) (NOV)


Module 3- Immuno-Metabolic Evaluation and Management for Spinal Deformities

Instructor: Dr. Steven Geanopulos

Location: Clearwater FL

MARCH 17-18 Sat and Sun 2018




36 Hour Program

CE Available on request


Sat 8:30am-6pm

Sun 8:30am-6pm


COST: $495 (Students $195)


Program Instructors


Marc J. Lamantia D.C.– Neuroskeletal Scoliosis; Diagnosis Evaluation and Nonsurgical management strategies for Scoliosis patients. 












Steven Geanopulos D.C.-Metabo-immunology and Functional Medicine Supplementation to reduce inflammatory Cytokines and improve absorbability of nutrients related to bone health.












Gary Deutchman D.C.-Orthotic Instruction. Spinal Orthotics as well as Foot orthotics for the purpose of rehabilitation of movement. 










Daniel Pagan DPT– Three dimensional Exercise Therapy using isometric resistance methods, body weight poses, and dynamic control of movement. 












Arielle Klig DPT-Breathing for Scoliosis. Respiratory exercises specifically designed to reshape the rib cage and to improve postural integrity.











This 36 hour program is designed to give the non-surgical provider relevant knowledge of the current literature as it pertains to Scoliosis as a; biomechanical, biochemical and neuroskeletal condition.


Evidenced based clinical applications will be explored and links will be made between concepts of mechano-biology, neuroskeletal science, and epigenetic influences.


FOR REGISTRATION EMAIL or call 1-800-281-5010