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Scoliosis Progression and the Immune Response; Can Supplements Help?

Researchers continually provide validation that scoliosis is much more than a curvature of the spine.

Osteoporosis, osteopenia and low bone density have been shown to be a risk factor for progression in scoliosis. Low bone density can occur in those that are still growing. Nutrition focused on bone support starts with protecting the Epigenome and reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines that promote scoliosis progression in the growing spine, as well as degeneration in the aging adult spine with scoliosis.

 Research is also pointing towards the immune response as the mechanism responsible for trophic (tissue) changes associated with scoliosis curvature progression.

 Scoliosis Systems LLP has developed INFLAM-FX and OSTEO-FX, a potent natural Anti-inflammatory formula designed to target bone health to help eliminate nutritional deficiencies in Scoliosis.

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