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Satellite offices and Dates

note: New York City and California locations are Monday through Sunday by appointment
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Or call the office to speak to our Staff and Doctors about scoliosis office locations at 1-800-281-5010 or 1-212-360-7760 ext 1. The doctors are available in our main offices in New York and Irvine California, or scoliosis treatment can be provided by appointment in one of our Satellite Scoliosis Office Locations throughout the country. Our doctors are available to discuss your particular case and answer your questions.
The initial phone consultation we provide will serve to give you and understanding of what is necessary to successfully manage scoliosis treatment options for you or your child. Scoliosis treatment is not all the same, usual therapy from a physical therapist is not appropriate for the management of scoliosis.
Not all doctors have the experience or depth of knowledge to help scoliosis patients navigate scoliosis treatment options. Our doctors have a combined 50  years experience in helping scoliosis patients avoid surgery and achieve and improved quality of life.
Our Scoliosis treatment program is travel friendly. Scoliosis office Locations include New York Scoliosis Office Location, Florida, North Carolina, Buffalo, Chicago, Colorado, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Washington State, San Jose, Irvine and Los Angeles California,Dubai