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    What to expect on the first visit

Schedule Your First Visit

Phone Consultation-The doctors are available to discuss whether you or your family member are candidates for our program.  Call 1-800-281-5010 to learn the features and benefits of Adult Scoliosis Treatment and Adolescent Scoliosis Treatment.


Scheduling a Consultation and Evaluation-After speaking with one of the doctors, our friendly staff will help you schedule a consultation and complete Scoliosis Evaluation.


Preparing for your Visit-Bring any past medical records, X-rays or MRI’s.  If you’re planning on a brace fitting or exercise training, bring exercise shorts, sports bra or tight fitting shirt.


Paperwork-You’ll be asked to fill out New Patient information when you get to the office.  Bring your insurance card if you would like us to file your insurance claims directly.


Consultation-If you would prefer to first consult without your child in the room, please let the front desk know that your child will not be part of the initial consultation. During the consultation the doctors will review your; previous medical records, X-rays and MRI’s. Recommendations of further evaluation may include; Orthopedic / Neurological Examination, Postural Analysis, Movement Analysis, MR Imaging and X-rays.


Brace Fitting-The doctors will determine the most appropriate brace fitting based on careful evaluation of clinical information.  Fittings are done the same day and the patient can begin brace wearing immediately.


Brace Purchase-The brace is considered “durable medical equipment” and cannot be returned after custom fitting.  All payment is due at the time of service. Ask about or financing options.


Exercise Training-Our doctors are Certified Schroth Therapists and offer individual and group instruction on your initial visit.  Patients are encourage to participate in “Intensive” Exercise Training every 12 weeks.


Our Spine treatment Program–  Scoliosis patients have scoliosis for a lifetime. It’s important to understand you can improve the health of your spine and maintain an active lifestyle while having scoliosis. Our LIFETIME Spine program starts with a thorough neuro-endocrine-immune evaluation to assess your current and past health status.  This is done to give you personalized recommendations which may include dietary changes, dietary supplementation, considerations of human factors (ergonomic concerns) at work and at home, and exercise types and frequency.


Scheduling Follow-up Visits

Brace Adjustment-The first brace adjustment is done 6-12 weeks following the initial fitting.  Typical recommendations include 4 brace adjustments per year, once every 12 weeks.


Other Services


Success Coaching for Scoliosis- Dr. Gabe Feldmar, a licensed Psychologist, offers “Success Coaching” for patients struggling with psychological stress related to scoliosis.


Schroth Therapy-Trained Massage Therapists offer deep tissue release technics to aid in postural correction


Find Out If Our Scoliosis Treatment Is Right For You

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