INFLAM-FX by Cyrene Labs is a Potent Anti-inflammatory formula, Now Available!

INFLAM-FX is a potent natural Anti inflammatory designed to target bone health Is clinically shown to reduce joint stiffness within 3 days* Is clinically shown to reduce joint discomfort within 5 days* Is clinically shown to increase range of motion and physical function within 7 days* Supports joint health through a multi-pronged mechanism of action* Backed by two randomized, double-blind human clinical trials Is proven safe through dozens of safety studies and long-term human consumption Provides potent antioxidant activity* Promotes healthy aging and overall wellbeing* Undergoes stringent QA processes for guaranteed purity and potency To order CLICK HERE Turn off the […]

OSTEO-FX is a potent bone preservation formula. Now Available!

Osteo-FX uses patented technology and nutrition to: Promote Estrogenic effects on bone Supports Bone Mineral Density Aids the mineralization and maturation of bone cells Provides fast & effective PTH suppression and protection To order CLICK HERE     Advanced Bone Formula: OSTEO-FX Osteoporosis, osteopenia and low bone density for age have been shown to be a risk factor for progression in scoliosis. Low bone density for age can occur in those that are still growing. Nutrition focused on Bone support starts with protecting the Epigenome and reducing pro inflammatory cytokines which promote scoliosis progression in the growing spine, as well […]

Scoliosis Progression and the Immune Response. Can Supplements Help?

Scoliosis Progression and the Immune Response; Can Supplements Help? Scoliosis has long been treated as an orthopedic condition, with limited success. Researchers continually provide validation that scoliosis is much more than a curvature of the spine, most recently, the British Medical Journal published a study entitled, “Understanding the role of the Immune System in Adolescent Scoliosis: Immunometabolic Connections to Scoliosis..”  The study’s aim was to identify the mechanisms of how inflammation caused fibrosis (scaring) and remodeling (fatty infiltration of the concavity musculature), and how the cascade of the immune response is associated with progression of the scoliosis. The authors discuss the […]

Virtual Scoliosis Exercise and Nutritional Consultation Now Available

Blood Chemistry and Nutritional Virtual Consultation How it Works Video Consultation– Review your health history during a 1 hour video consultation with your new doctor Lab Testing– Receive a custom lab kit mailed to your home or a Blood Requisition form which can be brought to any local laboratory. The test results are sent directly to your doctor. Analysis– Schedule a Review of your test results with your doctor. Treatment Plan– Your doctor develops a personalized plan addressing your unique diagnosis. This may includes planning for follow up testing. $199/hr   Schroth Exercise Virtual Consultation How it Works Video Consultation– […]

What is a Scoliosis Epigenetic Diet?

What is a Scoliosis Epigenetic Diet?   Scoliosis is considered an orthopedic disease, however researchers have shown successful scoliosis treatment is dependent upon epigenetic factors and not the predetermined genetics. Scoliosis progression has been linked to low bone density for age, Osteopenia and Osteoporosis, and therefore should be a clinical target but rarely is. Other dietary deficiencies have been identified to be epigenetic triggers of disease, like low vitamin D, or low Vit B2. Diet and supplementation can effectively reduce your risk of scoliosis progression regardless of you age or if you are currently receiving orthopedic treatment. An Epigenetic Diet […]