Dr. Richa Gandhi

Dr. Richa Gandhi is the Clinical Director of Scoli-Fit and specializes in the
non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. Dr. Gandhi received her doctorate of
chiropractic from Sherman College. She is also board certified in physiotherapy
and pursued certification as a sports chiropractic physician. Her commitment and
involvement in scoliosis research allows her to provide specialized treatment and
exercise protocols unique to each patient, which is backed by the latest research. Dr.
Gandhi believes that majority of scoliosis does not require surgical management and
can be treated conservatively with bracing and exercises.

Dr. Gandhi is involved with the Scoliosis Care Foundation, a non-for-profit
organization that promotes scoliosis education and scoliosis treatment for the
underprivileged. Dr. Gandhi’s goal is to provide the most innovative non-surgical
management for scoliosis and help her patients achieve maximum health.