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    Dr. Gary Deutchman

    April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

Dr. Gary Deutchman

Dr. Deutchman has been in private practice since 1986. His dedication to service is evident in his actions; in the early 90’s, Dr. Deutchman initiated and went on to manage volunteer chiropractic care programs for orphaned infants at the Hale House in NYC, as well as a program for priests and nuns of the Fratenite de Notre Dame, a French missionary group that maintains orphanages and soup kitchens around the world. In 1999 he provided chiropractic services to the Mens-Health Crisis in New York City. He continues to advised many chiropractors around the country about establishing local volunteer chiropractic care programs as well as serving as an educator for post graduate studies in Scoliosis. Dr. Deutchman served as district President of the New York Chiropractic Council for Manhattan from 1992 to 1994. In 2003 Dr. Deutchman formed the Scoliosis Care Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to educate parents on the benefits of early detection and correction of Scoliosis;  In 2004, he was invited to St. Justine’s Hospital for Children to train and share ideas with the developers of the Spinecor brace, Dr. Christine Collaird, and Dr. Charles Rivard.

Today Dr. Deutchman is a provider for the Nationally recognized Scoliosis Systems (TM) program for the management of Scoliosis. He continues to be instrumental in developing non-surgical adult Scoliosis protocols utilizing postural reeducation techniques and the Spinecor brace. His ability to problem solve and his unmatched experience with difficult cases, makes Dr. Deutchman one of the World’s experts in alternative Scoliosis treatment for both children and adults.

Dr. Deutchman is also a Founding member of the International Society of Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SOSORT)


1986 Life Chiropractic College, Marietta Georgia- Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

Post graduate training:

Chiropractic Biophysics
Carrick Institute Neurology program
Spinecor Scoliosis Brace Certification Training-St. Justine’s Hospital for Children, Montreal, Canada

1993-Manhattan District President of the New York Chiropractic Council
2002- Director and trustee of the Scoliosis Care Foundation – Nonprofit
2004- Adjunct Faculty of The New York Chiropractic College

New York Chiropractic College 2005, 2006
Bridgeport Chiropractic College 2005
International Conference on the Conservative Management of Spinal Deformity Barcelona Spain 2003
Consensus meeting of the European Spinecor Study Group, Alicante, Spain September 2005
New York Chiropractic Council district meetings 2005
Annual Chiropractic Sports Sciences Symposium 2006
International Conference on the Conservative Management of Spinal Deformities, Northeastern University, Boston MA 2007
Symposium on Evidence Based Management- New York Chiropractic College 2007

Original Research

  • Oculomotor functional improvement in scoliotic children with bracing, co-author Abstract published in Pediatric Rehabilitation Jan 04
  • A retrospective study of twenty three (23) adults with scoliosis treated with the Spinecor Orthosis, Scoliosis Journal 2007

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