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    Scoliosis Affects the Entire Body

    April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014

Scoliosis Affects the Entire Body

Scoliosis Affects are on the Entire Body

Scoliosis is generally viewed as a lateral curvature of the spine with an axial twist that causes a distortion of the ribs. Current research shows that idiopathic scoliosis is a multifaceted disease that compromises five of the body’s systems: digestive, hormonal, muscular, osseous (bones), and neurologic.

Scoliosis affects the entire skeletal system including the spine, ribs, and pelvis. It impacts upon the brain and central nervous system and affects the body’s hormonal and digestive systems. It can deplete the body’s nutritional resources and damage its major organs including the heart and lungs.

Some factors that can cause scoliosis include: cerebral palsy, birth defects, muscular dystrophy and Marfan syndrome. However, 80% of scoliosis is idiopathic (unknown in origin).

According to the International Scoliosis Society, one in nine females and a smaller percentage of males have some sign of scoliosis. Approximately 4% of the general population is affected. While the average patient is between 10-15 years of age, many adults suffer from this disease as well.

Conditions arising as a result of scoliosis include rib deformity, shortness of breath, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, acute or dull back pain, leg, hip, and knee pain, acute headaches, mood swings, and menstrual disturbances.

Scoliosis is a progressive condition that can continue to progress even after skeletal maturity. Millions of scoliosis sufferers are routinely misinformed about the accelerating nature of their spinal curvature progression.

Gary A. Deutchman, D.C.
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  • Michael Hooton, June 5, 2022 Reply

    Can scoliosis cause heart attack.?

  • Marian frey, June 17, 2022 Reply

    What a awesome article

    This is the answer my caregiver needs for herself. I am a Parkinson's patient. This is the smoking gun of a article for her to take action

  • Srilata sampath, July 28, 2022 Reply

    I have a moderate lumbar spine scoliosis due to which my thighs and legs ache.have taken physiotherapy and calcium vitamin D injection. Sometimes my back hurts.what physiotherapy should I take

  • Lori Loov, August 17, 2022 Reply

    Thank you! 💕 😇

  • Linda G Templeton, August 31, 2022 Reply

    What can I do for neck pain and headaches every night?

  • Sheila Kelley, September 21, 2022 Reply

    I have a 45-53 degree scoliosis with a torsion all beginning from the sacrum to above the T-12. I’m 64 years old been a nurse for 40 years and wish you knew my story and hell I went thru as a child. It is from abuse as a child!!! I know I’m a survivor!!!

  • Sarah, September 29, 2022 Reply

    I need someone who can review my imaging(ct,MRI,x-ray) for a second opinion,I'm getting nworse and worse by the day and in sever pain24/7 surgery on lower lumbar and neck in 2017 by Dr yadegar

  • Maria Ford, January 28, 2023 Reply

    My husband suffered a stroke and now, due to a weak left side; he has curvature in his back that makes him lean to the left. Will this shorten his life, or hurt him as it does in the average Scoliosis afflicted person?

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